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Buddha Bowls

Buddha Bowls

We would all love to flit off on a well-deserved beach holiday to allow this to happen; a better and more cost-effective way is to partake in some detox eating.

The idea behind detoxing is to eliminate processed foods, meat, alcohol and other harmful substances from your life and diet for a period of time. Doing so brings about a host of benefits; top most being that toxins are removed from the body, a better functioning immune system, and increased energy levels. Overall balance is achieved in the body allowing our systems to perform at its optimum level.

Consuming balanced meals have been the cornerstone of maintaining good health for years, but the trendiest balanced meal of this Instagram age we live in are Buddha Bowls. The concept behind which is getting a good balance of nutrients from small amounts of varied foods and not eating too much of any one thing. Of course, grains, healthy proteins and an assortment of vegetables being artfully placed in a burst of colour and creativity goes a long way too in making one feel better about eating healthy.

Here are some great types of Buddha Bowls to get you started on detox journey:

Sweet Potato Chickpea Bowl

Start with a base of any green leafy vegetable packed with iron paired with fibre-rich sweet potato. Top with chickpeas; an excellent source of plant-based protein, sautéed with turmeric for an anti-inflammatory boost. Finish of with some simple dressing of tahini, honey and lemon juice which bring all these great flavours to life.


Vegan Sushi Bowl

Basically, a deconstruction of your favourite sushi roll. Potassium-rich avocado, tempeh and edamame which pack a serious protein punch on a bed of sushi rice and nutrient dense nori is every self-respecting sushi lover’s dream.


Hawaiian BBQ Tofu Bowl

Quinoa, loaded with protein and fibre studded with juicy pineapple topped with tofu marinated in barbeque sauce will have you thinking you’re sipping a cocktail on some sandy beach in Hawaii, without the expensive plane ticket.


Mediterranean Power Bowl

Get adventurous with tri-coloured quinoa and top it with olives packed with vitamin E essential for maintaining skin health, tangy feta cheese and crunchy cucumbers. Bring the whole bowl together with chunky hummus for a real Mediterranean treat.

They make for a speedy lunch or dinner, can be prepped ahead of time, and best of all customizable to your tastes and requirements. The thought of detox maybe daunting when first starting but wait no more, make yourself a big belly of a Buddha Bowl and reap its benefits. Your body will thank you.

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