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Malaysia In December: A Quick Guide

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Malaysia In December: A Quick Guide

As the Christmas season hits Malaysia, a whirlwind of cheerful activity is joined by countless shopping promotions as well as music festivals, enthralling light shows and other happenings that are sure to thrill the most seasoned traveller.

Minding the Weather

Beachside activities and water sports may be difficult in east coast destinations like Kuantan, the Perhentian Islands, Redang Island and Terengganu as strong winds, stormy weather and choppy seas are expected in these parts.

Conversely, sunny weather and pristine sea conditions in Penang and Langkawi closer to the west coast may explain the influx of visitors to these spots. Kuala Lumpur and Melaka will continue to enjoy warm temperatures with short bursts of afternoon showers to balance all the heat.


Christians and Catholics across the country celebrate the birth of Christ in this festive month, exchanging gifts and attending church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on December 25th. Shopping malls like Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur are usually aglow with lavish Christmas decorations and performances, while attractions like the i-City Theme Park in Shah Alam, Selangor boasts stunning LED light shows within an enchanting maple and pine forest backdrop.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

This annual book fair gets more popular in Malaysia each year since its beginnings in 2009. Held at The Mines in Seri Kembangan (Selangor), this bookworm haven offers discounts as high as 75% to 95% off the retail prices of a range of books, from classics and oldies to more contemporary titles from local and international authors.


Langkawi Island Music Festival

Perfect for travellers spending their Christmas vacation in the idyllic Langkawi Island, the Langkawi Island Music Festival boasts a fun-loving atmosphere in which artists from Guam, Fiji, Papa New Guinea and other islands showcase their unique music styles alongside performances by local musicians and eco-friendly activities encouraging islanders to adopt greener practices in Langkawi.

Pesta Chingay Lion & Dragon Dance Parade

The Chinese tradition of celebrating deities’ birthdays lives on in the colourful Chingay street celebrations in Penang and other parts of Malaysia. The highlight of these parades would be the lion and dragon dances by agile performers on stilt poles. A captivating combination of flags and acrobatics is followed by street floats, beauty pageants and other activities that thrill the crowds of participants and onlookers.


Viper Challenge Cyberjaya

The Great Eastern Viper Challenge series finale will bring the adrenaline-pumping excitement to Cyberjaya as teams of participants conquer new routes, from a 5KM dry route to a 12KM wet and muddy route – with more than 10 daunting obstacles to overcome in both. Considered one of Asia’s largest sporting events series, the Viper Challenge is a must-see for fitness enthusiasts.

Light and Motion Putrajaya LAMPU

Don’t let the year come to a close without a proper send-off: try a spectacular light show like the one at the Light and Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU) Festival. The Malay word lampu means ‘light’ – a central feature in this stunning show held at the site of the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, the nation’s administrative centre. The festival stars in the last few days of December through to New Year’s Day.

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