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Malaysia in November: A Quick Guide

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Malaysia in November: A Quick Guide

One festival ends and another follows in quick succession – Malaysians are no strangers to the fascinating cultural diversity and harmony that this country is known for, especially noticeable on auspicious days and long-standing festivals that boast a global appeal.

Minding the Weather

As the northeast monsoon continues to bring stormy weather and rough seas to Redang, the Perhentian Islands, Tioman, Terengganu and other east coast destinations, hot and humid conditions are expected on the west coast (in Langkawi and Penang) and in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, where short tropical showers are also to be expected.

If you’re bound for Sabah and Sarawak, you’ll see an increase of rainfall in both places this month which might disrupt outdoor activities.


A Little girl making Rangoli and decorating with Oil lamps for Diwali celebration in India.


This famous ‘Festival of lights’ is celebrated by Hindu believers in Malaysia usually on a day between October and November. Deepavali or ‘Diwali’ celebrates the victory of good over evil, a religious fete during which Hindu believers (usually from ethnic Indian community) conduct prayers and ceremonial offerings at Hindu temples before adorning their homes with oil lamps, decorative floor motifs made of coloured rice and feasts of traditional Indian delicacies.

Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix

The famous motorcycle racing event known as MotoGP Malaysia is held every year at Sepang International Circuit. This highly-anticipated motor sports race attracts top drivers from around the world who will compete in 18 Grand Prix championships across 14 countries. Crowds of more than 120,000 people fill the grandstands at this racetrack to cheer for their Malaysian teams alongside big names like Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and more.

Melaka Art and Performance Festival

Touted as the world’s only site-specific art and performance festival on a UNESCO World Heritage site, this eclectic event hosts some spectacular artists from around the world to showcase their work in various forms. Vivid dance performances, photo exhibitions, art installations, workshops and more happen over a 3-day period, free to members of the public.


A multi-ethnic group of young adults are taking a yoga class together at the gym. They are sitting on their mats and meditating with their eyes closed.

Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival

Over the last 4 years, Asia’s largest wellness and arts festival, nicknamed (‘MURFEST’) has gathered a substantial following of fitness enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur. From yoga sessions and dance workshops to a variety of organic wellness vendors under one roof, this fun festival is a great place to revisit your health goals for the year.

Ironman Malaysia

Set in the beautiful island of Langkawi in Kedah, this power-packed triathlon race features an incredible line-up of courses across an ocean, hilly terrain, sleepy seaside villages and rainforest paths. Watch as athletes stand the test of endurance as they pace themselves for swimming, biking and running courses all the way to finish line in Cenang Beach.


George Town Literary Festival

Every year in the UNESCO Heritage site of George Town, Penang, Malaysia’s largest literary festival takes place. The festival takes different themes each year, maintaining a focus on world literature. Held across 3 days, it’s a wonderful chance for festival-goers to meet with writers, poets and performers from around the world and attend panel discussions, workshops and performances centred around thought-provoking issues relevant to our time.

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