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29 Nov

Buddha Bowls

We would all love to flit off on a well-deserved beach holiday to allow this to happen; a better and more cost-effective way is to partake in some detox eating. The idea behind detoxing is to eliminate processed foods, meat, alcohol and other harmful substances from...

29 Nov

Malaysia In December: A Quick Guide

As the Christmas season hits Malaysia, a whirlwind of cheerful activity is joined by countless shopping promotions as well as music festivals, enthralling light shows and other happenings that are sure to thrill the most seasoned traveller. Minding the Weather Beachside activities and water sports may be...

29 Nov

Malaysia in November: A Quick Guide

One festival ends and another follows in quick succession – Malaysians are no strangers to the fascinating cultural diversity and harmony that this country is known for, especially noticeable on auspicious days and long-standing festivals that boast a global appeal. Minding the Weather As the northeast monsoon...

29 Nov

5 Tips on how to Portion a Healthy Meal

As the popular saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” This quote holds true as when it comes to a fit physique, it comes down to 70% healthy diet and 30% exercise. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories...

29 Nov

Cancer Diagnosis: What’s Next?

A cancer diagnosis is often profoundly life-changing and feeling shell-shocked is a perfectly normal reaction. However, once the initial shock wears off, deciding what to do next can make all the difference in getting the support and treatment you need towards fighting the disease. Health professionals...

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