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  1. What is Meet & Greet Service (MGS)?

MGS, provided by MHTC, is a one-way service for foreign patients who arrive at KLIA with the intention to seek medical treatment in Malaysia. The MGS includes a pick up from the gate/bridge, assisting with immigration clearance, luggage collection (and reporting if it goes missing), lounge services with light refreshments, and handing the healthcare traveler over to the onward party.

  1. How do I request for the service?

You may email your request by completing the “Request Form” and submit it with the complete supporting documents to with the subject title “MGS <Member Hospital Name> and <Date of MGS requested>” or “MGS <Partner Name> and <Date of MGS requested>”.

  1. How will I know if my request is confirmed?

After receiving the completed “Request Form”, supporting documents and confirmation email from the member hospital/partner, MHTC’s Concierge and Lounge (MCL) team will reply your email as confirmation. MGS service is also dependent upon our capacity at KLIA.

  1. Do you have this service at other airports, example Penang or KLIA2?

No, MGS is only available at KLIA for now. Should we have this service at other international airports or other entry points in Malaysia in the future, we will update the member hospitals/partners accordingly.

  1. Is this service available for my patient who is travelling out of Malaysia after their medical treatment or check-up?

For the time being, we only offer this service for patients arriving in Malaysia. Should there be any critical need for departure service, we may attend to your request. Same charges as per arrival will apply for departure service requests. (Subject to the discretion of MHTC)

  1. What services can we expect at the Malaysia Healthcare Lounge?

The Malaysia Healthcare Lounge allows patients and their companions to rest while waiting for their onward journey to begin. There will be light refreshments, free Wi-Fi, desktop computers, and mobile phone charging stations available.


MGS Services – Prior to Arrival


  1. How far in advance should I confirm the request for MGS?

Seven (7) days prior to the arrival date of patient(s).

  1. Is your service dedicated to one patient and his/her family?

MGS is only available for 1 (one) patient and maximum 2 (two) accompanying persons as stated in the patient’s hospital referral letter. MHTC is not obligated to provide the service to any accompanying persons that are not stated in the letter or “Request Form”.

  1. What if I need your service at a very short notice?

We do not encourage short notice requests. In the event of such requests, MHTC will respond to your request depending on the availability of the Malaysia Healthcare Lounge (MHL) personnel.

  1. Is MGS 24/7?

The Malaysia Healthcare Lounge operating hours are from 0900hrs –2300hrs (GMT+8, Kuala Lumpur). MGS rates will be based on flight arrivals within these operating hours (earliest arrival at 0900hrs, and last arrival at 2200hrs, 50% surcharge applies for flights arriving after operating hours 2201hrs – 0859hrs) and in the event of flight delay (ie. Landing time after 2200hrs).

  1. Do you offer buggy services?

MGS does not include buggy service. However, MHL staff can assist to arrange a buggy service (if needed) at an additional cost to the member hospital / partner. In the future, we may include a buggy as part of the service and will inform the member hospitals/partners when this service becomes available.

  1. Do you offer wheelchair services?

Yes. However, the member hospital/partner will need to submit a request via the “Request Form” for the wheelchair. This is a complimentary service.

  1. Do you offer baggage handling?

Service does not include baggage handling as guests will have to be responsible for their own baggage. MHL personnel will guide the patient to the designated baggage carousel, and in the case of lost baggage, we’ll assist in lodging a report.

  1. What are the list of the documents needed to request for MGS?

Member Hospitals/Partners to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of passport for patient AND companion/caregiver, if any (up to 2 pax);
  • Malaysian hospital appointment/referral letter, with information on companion/caregiver;
  • Patient’s medical report from their country of origin, if any;
  • Copy of return ticket for patient AND companion/caregiver;
  • Copy of Visa (where applicable) for patient AND companion/caregiver;
  • Patient MUST bring sufficient cash money and relevant document as per immigration request upon arrival or deemed necessary;
  • Patient AND companion/caregiver’s address and contact details while staying in Malaysia.


MGS Services – Arrival


  1. What if the patient arrives outside operating hours?

MHTC will consider accepting the arrival of patient outside of operating hours, at our own discretion.  The member hospital/partner will need to submit the request as per normal procedures, highlighting the time of arrival of the patient to us. Please note that there will be a 50% surcharge if MHTC accepts the request to attend arrival of patients between 2201hrs – 0859hrs

  1. What if I have two patients arriving at the same time, on the same flight?

If there are two (2) or more patients arriving at the same time, on the same flight and under the same member hospital/partner, MHTC will strive to give our best services to each patient (and his/her companions) subject to our capacity at that moment. Due to capacity issue, if all patients and their companions are grouped into one and attended by one MHL personnel, the billing will still reflect each patient individually. We will not compromise the quality of MGS rendered to the patients.

  1. If a member hospital/partner has 2 patients arriving at the same time, on the same flight, will they need to submit separate request forms?

Yes, our member hospital/partner will need to submit one request form per patient. In this case, member hospital/partner will have to present two (2) sets of documentations. One patient to one request form.

  1. What if my patient’s flight is delayed and they arrive outside of operating hours?

MHTC will impose 50% surcharge for any flight delay or arrival between 2201hrs – 0859hrs (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur). Surcharge is applicable, for both an original scheduled flight or a delayed arrival during specified time. Providing the service out of operating hours is at MHTC’s own discretion. Should the working hours of MGS change in the future, MHTC will update our member hospitals/partners accordingly.

  1. What if my patient loses her/his baggage?

MHL personnel will assist the patient to lodge a lost baggage report at the designated office at KLIA. However, patient would need to follow up with KLIA by themselves.

  1. Will my patient be prioritized at the immigration counter?

MHL personnel will try their best to provide the fastest route for immigration clearance. Should we be able to offer fast lane immigration service in the future, we will inform our member hospitals/partners.

  1. What happens if our member hospital/partner’s representative is late in collecting our patient?

Meet and Greet Service ends when patient is resting at the Malaysia Healthcare Lounge. In the event that the hospital/partner representative is late for patient pick up, MHL personnel are only able to accommodate patient up to 2300hrs. Thereafter, the patient will have to make their own arrangements. Official lounge office hours are 0900hrs – 2300hrs (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur).

  1. What documents do I need to bring upon arrival?

Please ensure all documents are submitted prior to arrival in Malaysia. For full list of documents, please refer to point no. 8 under the MGS Services – Prior to Arrival section.

  1. What if my patient encounters difficulties during immigration clearance? Who do I refer to?

Worry not, our dedicated MHL personnel will accompany the patient from the moment they arrive at the gate, escort them through the immigration counters, baggage collection and to the Malaysia Healthcare Lounge. At our best effort, our representative will liaise with the immigration staff to ensure a smooth process at the immigration without any difficulties. However, MHTC does not guarantee immigration clearance for the patient’s companion/caregiver. Do note, at all times, when dealing with Immigration Malaysia, their operation rules are to be abided and our MGS will strictly adhere to these rules.


Payments and Billings


  1. Can I pay for the service at the MHTC Lounge in KLIA?

Malaysia Healthcare Lounge (KLIA) does not allow for any payment transaction on-site. Payment for services (MGS trips) rendered during the full “billing cycle” will be invoiced to the member hospitals/partners each month. Member hospitals/partners will need to observe the payment deadlines imposed by MHTC.

  1. What are the payment options?

MHTC accepts payment via cheque or telegraphic transfer (TT) only. Payment details are as follows in point 3 below.

  1. How do we make payment for the service?

Member hospitals / partners will receive an invoice on the last day of each month, made payable to:

Account name: Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

  • Bank: Maybank Berhad
  • Bank Address: Dataran Maybank branch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Account Number: 514253342853
  • Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
  1. Do you bill per service or will it be monthly billing?

Monthly billing for all successful MGS services will be rendered based on a monthly cycle basis.

  1. When do I get billed?

Our billing cycle is from the 26th of the month to the 25th of the next month. An invoice will be issued on the last day of the month. Member hospitals / partners need to resolve or settle the invoice within thirty (30) days from the invoice date to avoid interest charges. All billings will be based on completed MGS trips on a monthly cycle basis.

  1. What happens if there is a billing dispute?

Member hospitals or partners must officially inform MHTC via email should there be any billing disputes. Member hospital must submit any billing dispute within seven (7) business days from the invoice date. In order for MHTC to validate the issue and take appropriate action, submission via email must be accompanied with relevant supporting. MHTC will not entertain any dispute beyond the seven (7) business days after the invoice date.

  1. How long does it take for MHTC to issue a credit note in the event of a true billing dispute?

There will be no credit note issued as all services billed are services that have been rendered or completed. In the case of a genuine invoice error, it would be off-set from future MGS request for the member hospital/partner.


MGS cancellation policy


  1. In any case of cancellations, what do I need to do?

If a patient cancels his/her trip, it is the member hospital/partners’ responsibility to inform MHTC immediately. Kindly contact our call center 1-800 188 688 or email MHTC will not charge member hospital / partner in the case that the patient does not turn up at KLIA. However, we would appreciate it if member hospital/partner could inform MHTC in advance for any changes to the patient’s travel plan, so that we can free up the slot to accommodate other patients. In the future, MHTC may implement penalty charges towards member hospitals/partners in the event of a cancellation under any circumstances without valid reasoning.

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